Healthy & Delicious Meals

Made by and for people who care about our community. With a focus on high quality and sustainable local ingredients, our contemporary breakfast and lunch menu has something for everyone. And the best part? Each dish we prepare helps to create opportunities and employment for Calgarians with disAbilities.

Our Food

We’ve put together a delicious menu that ranges from a crispy farmhouse salad to a savoury Southwest chicken wrap, warm bacon and cheese frittata, hearty cream soup, and some darn good French toast.

Behind each dish is an international chef with years of experience and some fresh, local ingredients. We even grow our own produce and vegetables! Breakfast or lunch, we have a bit of everything for everyone

Our Vision

By offering quality food and catering, we want to provide meaningful, hands-on experience to any and every adult with a disAbility who wants the opportunity.

We’ll be a self-sufficient, environmentally-conscious organization that employs more adults with disAbilities than any other single food or restaurant business in Canada.

About Us

Catered by Lifestyles is owned and operated by the Calgary Progressive Lifestyles Foundation, which provides services to over 300 Calgarians with physical, mental, and social disAbilities.

In 1989 we got our start when Adrienne (our CEO) used baking and selling cookies as a fun activity for a client with cerebral palsy, severe scoliosis, and a developmental delay.

Before long, that individual became empowered, getting more enjoyment out of everyday life by taking better care of themselves and engaging with people she met.

Learn more about how we’re still pursuing that goal today.

$20 Delivery

Any order within Calgary can be delivered for a flat $20 fee, with $15 going straight into the pockets of the person with a disAbility who helps make the delivery with their support worker. You’ll get a first-hand view of how your order can help the community.

Sorry, we’re currently not accepting orders.

Due to the COVID crisis, we are currently not accepting orders. We hope to resume operations as soon as possible to continue serving our community. Click here for details.